What is the ideal wallet for online gambling?

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Crypto gambling has surged worldwide as more and more people turn to crypto casinos. As in the rest of the world, the trend is catching on quickly in Europe, including Germany, where a growing number of traders see current government regulations as overly restrictive and unacceptable.

Why more and more players are opting for crypto casinos

The rise in crypto casino players is largely due to the introduction of a new gambling law that simply didn’t work.

For example, the revised State Gambling Treaty, which has been in effect since July 1, 2021, sets a maximum bet per game round of €1. While there are many online casinos without this €1 limit, they do not have a German license. For local casino operators, the law brings many other restrictions that cause players to look elsewhere:

Operators are required to submit players’ gaming behavior, including their deposits and wagers, to a central federal database. This monitoring has pushed many into crypto-casinos – offshore casinos whose operations are located on exotic islands like Curacao – where you Can Play Online Casino.

To help new players get into crypto casinos with little experience with the sector and cryptocurrencies, online casino software giant SoftSwiss is helping.

SoftSwiss – The Software for Crypto Casinos

SoftSwiss was founded in Belarus in 2008 and originally developed software for auction houses. However, since 2021, the company has focused mainly on online casino software. The company’s technology offers modern, highly flexible solutions that casino operators can easily integrate into their platforms.

SoftSwiss has over 800 employees worldwide and its technology is currently integrated into hundreds of online casinos.

Managing fiat and cryptos with CoinsPaid

As crypto adoption grew rapidly and its use in online casinos became more popular, SoftSwiss started integrating virtual currencies into their payment modules. The team also decided to develop a wallet – CoinsPaid.

Main features of the CoinsPaid wallet

  • Compatibility: the wallet is designed to have 100% compatible interfaces between the payment module and the casino.
  • Multi-currency support: CoinsPaid is a hot wallet that currently supports 25 virtual currencies and 40 fiat
  • No fees: Users pay no fees for transactions to and from casinos, except for miner fees of the respective coins and tokens.
  • Built-in exchange: the wallet also has a built-in crypto exchange that allows for one-click exchanges of all supported currencies.

Getting started with crypto made easy

For all online casino visitors who are dealing with virtual currencies and crypto casinos for the first time, SoftSwiss offers the perfect one-stop solution.

Certainly, there are no problems with most other wallets either. However, this is where most become the “German Michel” again and prefer to have everything from a single source. In this case, SoftSwiss offers a great one-stop store for everything online casinos.